Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 Sept 1980: Western Works, Sheffield demo session, 2012 mastering

Longtime readers know that daddy blog TPoIT brought the band's legendary September 1980 Western Works demo session to light, from the presumed master reel, several years ago (meaning we all threw away our 30-year-old Edison wax cylinder recordings we'd had previously).  It probably was the most popular post on the blog, after the (subsequently DMCA'ed) REM Cassette Set demo tape.  It has seen close to 10,000 downloads.  Amazing.

That said, the 2009 version was not well mastered.  At least to my current skill set and critical ears.  So, I got to work again, and here we are with a much-improved set for you.

I direct you to the two posts (master post; followup post) over on TPoIT for essential background and my long-winded writing about these gems.  I direct you to the Mediafire page for downloads of the pristine files, made stunning.  They are now properly EQ'ed: drums sound like drums, etc.  They are just all around more better.


01 Dreams Never End (mix 1)
02 Dreams Never End (mix 2)
03 Homage
04 Ceremony
05 Truth
06 Are You Ready Are You Ready Are You Ready For This (feat. R. Gretton, vocals)

Get 'em here.

Feed to the world, spread the news, delete the old versions.


  1. We want joydivisionarchive!

  2. Any chance of a Milan 82 remaster?

    1. Oh, I love tha gig. That one would be awesome!

    2. I had considered Milan 82, yes. There are a few '82 gigs in the pipeline, we will just have to wait and see!

  3. Mr Loyalist,
    Seriously, a MILLION thanks for this. I can not express to you how much I appreciate your work in this field. You have made my day so many times, I've lost count!
    If you ever think to yourself in the future, 'I wonder if anyone really cares that I'm doing this', the answer is a resounding YES!

  4. The upload size limit on mediafire is 200MB.

    1. Used to be 100mb, good to know! Now is as good as any time to ask if any of my followers have hosting they can donate, so we don't have to rely on Mediafire.

  5. new url due to previous mediafire shutdown...

  6. Thank you. Fantastic site built with love!

  7. Damn, sucks that this got taken down. Unfortunately, unlike some certain other popular titles, this one seems to not have made it very far.

    Sucks that the 2009 is now the only widely circulating version, while this one is left to languish. I'd ask for a reupload, but... I think we both know the story behind that already.